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About Us

Friends of Royal Lake (FORL) is a volunteer group of individuals that work to help preserve, protect, and improve Royal Lake and its surrounding parkland in Fairfax, Virginia.

Our Friends group works with the Fairfax County Park Authority (FCPA) to support, enhance, and advocate for specific parks and lake projects that are most important to the FORL community. Our voice is more strongly heard when we come together as a community and we pool our energy and expertise.

FORL trail maintenance 16 November 2019

In the eyes of the FCPA, we are a Park Volunteer Team (PVT) and our relationship with them is mutually beneficial.  They provide liability coverage for all the work FORL undertakes in the parks and we help them with projects that they are not able to do for one reason or another. This donation in kind to the county of our “sweat equity” can result in greater support from the county.

FORL also works closely with the Kings Park West Civic Association (KPWCA) for coordination of joint activities. In addition, KPWCA provides some funds for FORL-related activities.

Our Mission

Our Mission

FORL’s mission is to preserve Royal Lake and its surrounding parks' ecosystems, while helping to maintain the park’s varied open green space, woodlands, lake, and stream landscapes.

In addition, FORL seeks to promote the varied recreation offerings provided by the parks for small groups, families, and individuals, thereby inspiring community use and involvement in taking care of the parks.

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