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Over the course of the park’s history, Royal Lake has benefited from generous patrons and motivated individuals interested in promoting and maintaining the lake and its surrounding parks. The Spiegler - Cox Ballfield, the Ron Craven Bridge, the Kurt Wusterbarth Courts, the John P. McAnaw Recreation Area, and the Katie Thelin Playground are some of the park improvement efforts seen within Royal Lake. 

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More recently, and specifically after the formation of FORL in 2015, outdoor fitness equipment was replaced throughout the park, with financial support from KPWCA, Lakepointe, Chatham Town, and Village Park communities, as well as private individuals within the greater Royal Lake community. 

​To that end, FORL:​

  • Held a series of community wide meetings to collect inputs provided views on features needed for park enhancements and upgrade.

  • Conducted a survey of users of the Royal Lake Parks, with over 250 respondents.

  • Brought community members and Fairfax county government officials together for educational and Q&A sessions.


  • Held follow-up meetings to review the survey results with community and gain community wide consensus on features for enhancement and upgrade of the park.

  • Shared vision document with government officials and greater community.

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