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Royal Lake Parks

Royal Lake and its surrounding parks are part of the greater Fairfax County Park Authority (FCPA) park system, and are located in Fairfax, Virginia. In total, the Royal Lake parks comprise about 155 acres, consisting of two contiguous parks that surround a 38-acre body of water, Lakeside Park and Royal Lake Park, as well as additional parks upstream along Rabbit Branch, such as Rabbit Branch Park.

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Royal Lake Park is a local park that serves users from the adjacent neighborhoods and the larger community within the service area. Royal Lake is located in the Braddock District of Fairfax County.

Features of Royal Lake parks include playgrounds, baseball fields, soccer fields, basketball courts and other recreation areas. Two major parks in the park system serve as hubs of community recreation and activity: Lakeside Park and Royal Lake Park.


Lakeside Park, located at 5216 Pommeroy Drive, hosts a small picnic area, a playground area, a basketball court, an open play area, a T-ball/Class A Little League field, a large soccer field used by the Kings Park West Soccer League, a boat ramp, and a section of the trail that provides a circuit around Royal Lake.

Lakeside Park is the location of games played by the Kings Park West Soccer League each weekend during the Spring and Fall season, and is also the site for an annual community civic association sponsored events, such as the Halloween Festival the last Sunday of each October and the Easter Egg Hunt in the Spring.

Royal Lake Park, located at 5344 Gainsborough Drive, hosts two tennis courts, a playground, a basketball court, outdoor fitness equipment, a small picnic area, an open play area used for Braddock Nights outdoor concerts (Braddock District Supervisor/Park Authority’s Summer Entertainment Series), a boat ramp, and a section of the trail that provides a circuit around Royal Lake.

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