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Juniper Removal - The Latest Lakeside Park Improvement

A Good Idea, While it Lasted

Thirty-years ago, the newly-planted, small, attractive, individual juniper bushes installed near the soccer field were a great landscaping addition. Fast-forward three decades and the junipers had grown four-times their original size to become an intertwined, single mass of bush with a number of non-native plant species and poison ivy growing throughout interspersed with trash and debris.

Landscaping Past its Time

The Fairfax County Park Authority (FCPA), in active partnership with FORL, advised FORL that landscaping maintenance within parks throughout Fairfax is split between limited resources (staff and funding). In short, FCPA cannot perform the same level of landscaping that we do at home. As such, the junipers were well beyond normal landscaping.

Community Input

The question of juniper removal was raised during FORL community sessions in 2018 and 2019. Input favored removal of the junipers, with several options of what to put in their place discussion. Future improvements to that area are still under discussions between FORL, FCPA, and the community.

Extending Thanks to FCPA

The juniper removal was a major task beyond our volunteer effort capability. We'd like to thank Walter Wesley, Acting Area 4 Maintenance Manager, for his leadership and the FCPA maintenance staff for their efforts in achieving one of FORL's long-standing maintenance goals.

Questions, comments, suggestions, concerns? Check out the FORL calendar for upcoming events where your voice can be heard or contact FORL at

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