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At the December 7th, 2022 “Best of Braddock” event, Braddock District Supervisor James Walkinshaw presented an award to Friends of Royal Lake (FORL) noting its accomplishments in “Neighborhood Beautification, Enhancement or Community-Building Efforts.” Virginia State Senator Dave Marsden awarded the FORL team with a Commendation certificate. FORL was also given a Congressional Record certificate noting that Congressman Gerry Connolly had recognized all the Best of Braddock winners on the floor of the US House of Representatives. We appreciate the recognition from the Supervisor and the other elected officials in attendance, as well as the Braddock District Council. We want to especially thank Gordon Goetz, a very active volunteer in the Braddock community who took the time and effort to nominate FORL for the award. The award announcement highlighted FORL’s dedication to Royal Lake and surroundings through its planning, analysis, and documentation of Royal Lake parks’ needs and activities. Documentation included items such as the “Friends of Royal Lake Community Vision Plan” and point papers that highlighted park improvements, all of which had been presented to county officials. Other activities were noted, such as the many volunteer efforts in responding to surveys and in participating in park cleanups, invasive plant management and trail maintenance. The FORL leadership team accepted the award; however, all of you who have participated in FORL efforts to improve the parks deserve a share of the credit for the award.

Pictured from left to right: Former Braddock District Supervisor John Cook, Fairfax County Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Jeff McKay, FORL Co-chair Paul Gross, FORL Co-chair Sarah Lennon, Braddock District Supervisor James Walkinshaw, State Senator David Marsden, FORL team members Paul Strasburg, Suzanne Doherty, Mary Anne Boyer, Frank Cumberland, Julie Strasburg, State Delegate David Bulova. FORL team members not pictured are Andy Karp, Tom McCook, Greg Sykes, Shelly Tucker.

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